Resources (Data Types)

The following WooCommerce Resources are supported in WooCommerce Zapier:


Click on the Resource name to see Trigger data and Action field definitions.


WooCommerce Zapier uses WooCommerce’s REST API. This means that data field names, descriptions and values can vary from one WooCommerce store to another.

Your store’s data, fields and trigger rules may be different to this documentation due any of the following:

  • Your installed (active) WordPress plugins and WooCommerce extensions.
  • Your WooCommerce and WordPress versions and the used locale/language.
  • Any custom code that overrides or changes how the WooCommerce/WordPress REST API operates.

Field definitions in this documentation are generated with WordPress v5.3 and WooCommerce v3.9 with en-AU locale.

  1. Only available if the Coupon functionality is enabled in your WooCommerce store. (Enabled by default). 

  2. Available for both Order and Line Item in an Order

  3. Only available as a trigger. 

  4. Only available if the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is installed. 

Last update: 2020-05-07