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Purchase WooCommerce Zapier

To use WooCommerce Zapier, you will need to purchase the WooCommerce Zapier extension from the Extension Store.

Zapier Account

You will also need a Zapier Account.

Zapier Offers Both Free and Paid Plans

WooCommerce Zapier can be used with a free Zapier plan, however, advanced functionality such as Premium Apps, Multi-step Zaps (to use Filter and Paths) are only available for paid plans.

Free plans also have limits on the number of tasks per month, so WooCommerce stores with higher order volumes will be more likely to need a paid Zapier plan.

For further information on pricing see Zapier’s Plans & Pricing page.

If you don’t have one, you can sign up on the Zapier website. Select the Sign Up button or just enter your information in the available form.

System Requirements

The WooCommerce Zapier plugin has the following minimum requirements:

Item Requirement
PHP Version 7.2 or higher
(We recommend using PHP 7.4 or greater3)
WordPress Version 5.3 or higher
(We recommend using WordPress 5.6 or later4)
WooCommerce Version 4.2 or higher
WooCommerce/WordPress Account Account needs to be an administrator role2
WordPress Permalinks Pretty permalinks enabled 5
HTTPS Site needs to be accessible via https://
WooCommerce REST API Running and operational1
WordPress cron Running and operational
Zapier Account Free or paid plans6


  • Cron is a standard part of WordPress. WooCommerce’s Action Scheduler depends on it. If not running, this plugin will not work. See the No Data is Being Sent to Zapier chapter.


There are two different methods to install your WooCommerce Zapier extension:

1. One-Click Install/Update Method

If you have connected your account to your website, go to your WordPress DashboardSide Subscriptions screen and click the one-click Download button next to WooCommerce Zapier. This is also the easiest way to keep your WooCommerce Zapier plugin up to date.

This article explains how you can connect your account to your WooCommerce store to activate in-dashboard one-click downloads/updates.

Trouble Updating WooCommerce Zapier?

If you encounter an error updating WooCommerce Zapier, see here for suggestions.

2. File Upload

You can also log in to your WooCommerce’s account and go to the Downloads page to download the latest zip file of the extension to your computer.

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Side MenuPlugins screen and click the Add New and then Upload Plugin button at the top of the page. Select the zip file from your computer and click the Install Now button then the Activate button to active WooCommerce Zapier.


Some web browsers automatically unarchive downloaded Zip files. Make sure this functionality is disabled.

We also suggest going to WordPress DashboardSide Extensions screen to connect your account, so that you have access to future WooCommerce Zapier versions from within your WordPress Dashboard.

Check the Installation

Finally, it is best to go to the WordPress DashboardSide MenuWooCommerceStatus screen, and review the Active Plugins section to ensure that the WooCommerce Zapier plugin is up to date.


WooCommerce Zapier is now installed.

Please proceed to the Usage guide for details on how to use WooCommerce Zapier.

  1. See WooCommerce REST API documentation for details on how to verify that your REST API is working correctly. 

  2. See WooCommerce documentation for Roles and Capabilities

  3. Not required, but recommended for better performance and security. 

  4. WordPress 5.6 or later is required to use the Application Passwords feature. 

  5. Certain Zapier functionality, for example, Filter, Paths and Multi-step Zaps are only available with a paid Zapier plan. For pricing information, please refer to the Zapier’s Plans & Pricing page

Last update: 2022-07-13