Incoming connection. See Connection Types.
Application Password
App-specific password feature built-in to WordPress 5.6 and later.
An actual communication between your WooCommerce store and a Zapier Zap. In this documentation, we are using a couple of related terms of connection.
Connection Types
Incoming or Outgoing. Describes the direction of the data flow observed from the WooCommerce store perspective. Incoming connections are referred to as Actions, outgoing connections are referred to as Triggers.
Represents a specific type of WooCommerce data. For example, an Order, a Product, a Customer.
Outgoing connection. See Connection Types.
Trigger Rule
A rule that defines an event (or multiple events) that will cause WooCommerce data to be sent to a Zapier Zap.
WooCommerce Extension
Part of the integration that operates inside a WooCommerce store. This is the WooCommerce Zapier plugin that you have installed on your WooCommerce store.
Zapier Zap is a connection configuration between Zapier and other services, including your store. See Connection.
Zapier App
Part of the integration that operates inside the This is the interface you see when using the WooCommerce app in a Zap. See Zap.
Zapier Feed
A legacy term used to describe a specific connection between Zapier and WooCommerce before version 2.