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WooCommerce Zapier integrates your WooCommerce store with 5000+ cloud apps and services via the Zapier web automation service.

Send your WooCommerce Order, Product, Customer, Coupon, Booking1 or Subscription2 data to 5000+ Zapier-enabled apps.

Or use Zapier to automatically create or update WooCommerce Order, Product, Customer, Coupon or Subscription2 data from a Zap.


The actual fields and data can vary depending on the WordPress and WooCommerce versions installed, and by installed plugins and settings. If you are using an Actions template, please refresh the fields to make sure everything is updated to match your individual store.

Have a Question Before You Buy?

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions or fill out our Pre-Sales enquiry form, and we will happily answer your questions about WooCommerce Zapier.

Purchasing WooCommerce Zapier

You can purchase WooCommerce Zapier from the Extension Store.

All purchases include one year (12 months) of updates and support, and have a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try WooCommerce Zapier risk-free.

Please review the WooCommerce Zapier System Requirements before purchasing.

After purchasing, please proceed to the Installation guide for details on how to install WooCommerce Zapier.

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What’s New

New “Update Product Stock Quantity” Action

We introduced a new intelligent action that adopts how to target the product and how to change the stock quantity. Users can choose between ID or SKU and decide how to apply the incoming value (set as a new value, increment by or reduce by). For example, it allows users to process stock intake without knowing the current quantity beforehand.

Please see the Actions section for full details on the new action.

WooCommerce Zapier Plugin Version 2.5 Required

Please ensure you update the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.5.0 to use this Action.

17 New “Status Changed To …” Trigger Rules

Easily trigger Zaps when an Order, Subscription2 or Booking1 changes to a specific status, without needing to use multi-step Zaps.

Please see the Trigger Rules section for full details on the new trigger rules.

WooCommerce Zapier Plugin Version 2.4 Required

Please ensure you update the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.4.0 or later in order to use this Trigger Rule.

Transfer by Zapier

Easily move data in bulk using Transfer by Zapier.

See here for full details on Transfer by Zapier.

WooCommerce Bookings Support

WooCommerce Bookings1 is now supported - see here for more details.

WooCommerce Zapier Plugin Version 2.2 Required

Please ensure you update the WooCommerce Zapier plugin to version 2.2.0 or later in order to use Bookings in your Zaps.

Two-Way Integration

The WooCommerce Zapier integration is two-way, and now supports Actions. You can use Zaps to create new and update existing Order, Product, Customer, Coupon, Booking1, or Subscription2 data in WooCommerce.

New Triggers

WooCommerce Zapier now has four times (4x) the number of available trigger events, giving you 3 times as many opportunities and reasons to send your WooCommerce store data to Zapier.

Simplified Zap Creation

The Zap creation process is simplified and is now fully managed via the interface. There is no more requirement to create corresponding Zapier Feeds in WooCommerce.

New Resources (Data Types)

WooCommerce Zapier Version 2 adds support for Products and Coupons, in addition to the already supported Orders, Customers and Subscriptions2.

Powered by REST API

Giving you increased access to more data fields as well as more robust and reliable data delivery via WooCommerce webhooks.

Secure by Design

Secure HTTPS communication between WooCommerce and Zapier, as well as a new authentication method, will help improve data confidentiality and integrity.

And More

Please see the release notes for full details of recent changes and improvements.

  1. Only available if the WooCommerce Bookings plugin is installed. 

  2. Only available if the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is installed. 

Last update: 2023-05-18